YouTube Video Collection DVD's

Now available are two separate DVD's that contain most of the videos found on my Lot2Learn Youtube channel.

Dvd Case 1
Dvd Case 2
The DVD's are playable on a computer running Microsoft Windows (See below for the MAC version). The screenshots below show the menu for titles included on DVD Volume One, which contains 58 different videos! There are a few "Bonus" videos that have not been uploaded to YouTube and are only available on the DVD. The nice part about having this DVD is that by playing the videos in Windows Media Player, you can slow the videos using the CTRL/SHIFT/S key combination. This will make it easier for you to see and hear in slow motion what I am playing. Please Contact Me if you have any questions. See bottom of page for Digital Download Versions!! Here is a list of the videos on<br> Volume One: List of Volume One Videos.

Volume Two has 42 different videos including a "bonus" tutorial on one of my practice techniques for soloing. Here is a list of the videos found on Volume Two: List of Volume Two Videos.

Screen Shots of the DVD Menu of Volume One




Only $19.95 per Physical DVD plus shipping!

YouTube Videos Collection DVD For MAC

Here is a DVD that runs on any computer with a DVD player (that means it runs on a MAC just fine).
You can see the contents of the DVD listed on the DVD cover below. Cost is $24.95 plus shipping.
Dvd Case 1
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NEW! Digital Download Versions of the DVD's Volume 1 and 2

Plays on iPad, Tablets Windows or MAC computers!

Click Here For Volume One.
Click Here For Volume Two.