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DR Animator Software For Podiatric Surgery


DR Animator Software combines actual photographs and x-rays with fascinating animation in order to illustrate common Podiatric surgical procedures. It is the ultimate patient education tool. Just a few minutes with DR Animator is all it takes to educate and comfort almost any patient.

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DR Animator users are saying:

"If anyone wants to know how much DR Animator is worth...show them my O.R.days last week."


"I believe there is no other animation product that can be as beneficial at any price."


"DR Animator decreases the time it takes explaining surgery and it increases patient understanding and comfort levels."


New Release Now Available

Podiatry Software and Roger L. Friedman, DPM are pleased to announce that DR Animator (previously released as Animator 2000), the premiere Podiatric computer program for patient education is shipping a new release. DR Animator contains more than 60 of the most common foot surgical procedures, easily and graphically explained in short, simple, animations.





New Procedures

DR Animator, already the most comprehensive collection of animations for foot surgery now includes the following in its new release:

Youngswick Procedure - After continued requests, the Youngswick modification to the Austin bunionectomy has been included.

Reverse Austin for Tailor's Bunion - Animation for the treatment of Tailor's Bunion by reverse Austin osteotomy of the fifth metatarsal.

Cole Midfoot Osteotomy - This animation illustrates reduction of a cavus foot deformity by midfoot wedge resection of bone.

Resection of Retrocalcaneal Spur with Achilles re-attachment - Illustrates resection of retrocalcaneal spur and re-attachment of the achilles tendon.

Includes the remarkable Skeletal Models Add-on!

Skeletal Model Austin Skeletal Model MPJ Fusion

FREE! A $99.95 Value

Use the amazing skeletal models add-on to "drag and drop" the bones into position and fixate with various fixation devices. This is a fantastic way to demonstrate surgical procedures. Included in the Skeletal Models add-on are:
- Lapidus Procedure
- Austin Bunionectomy
- Austin with long arm for 2 screws
- Closing Base Wedge Osteotomy
- 1st MPJ Fusion
- Scarf Bunionectomy
- Foot Puzzler (for fun!)